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6 East 45th Street |  Change location

  Dishes Restaurant is open from 8:00 am- 3:30pm. Monday March 6, 2021 

Today's Specials at 

Breakfast Pastries and scones

twice baked marzipan almond croissant 4.50

daily hot dishes

orange roasted sweet potatoes
coconut chicken fingers
garlic and extra virgin olive oil sauteed broccoli

daily market salads

chinese sesame tahini noodles
organic mesclun greens
eggless caesar salad
sesame tahini
local cage free veggie fed deviled egg salad
rosemary marinated grilled chicken
greek salad - no dressing


baked strawberry buttermilk doughnut 3.25

Hot Entrees of the Day

entree #1- free bird-antibiotic Southern fried chicken 12.50
entree # 3- Moroccan braised salmon with poblano and red peppers 12.50
entree # 4- vegan mushroom and tofu shawarma 12.50

Signature Soups - every day

chicken noodle with vegetables
pumpkin corn bisque

signature soups - special

vegan tomato and roasted garlic

special hot dishes

free bird, antibiotic free - southern fried chicken
creamed spinach with white truffle essence
vegan mushroom and tofu shawarma
moroccan braised salmon with poblano and red peppers
all beef meatballs in mushroom marsala sauce
dishes macaroni and cheese

special market salads

japanese kale and cabbage salad
Hawaiian salmon avocado poke
quinoa,lentil and roasted butternut squash mujadra
shrimp salad with lime and dill dressing
mexican street corn salad
tomato, basil and smoked mozzarella cavatapi pasta salad
hot and sweet corn salad with zucchini and feta
beet and toasted walnut salad
chinese chicken salad with sesame and toasted almonds
golden sesame tofu

sushi fridays

tuna with jalapeno and crispy tempura flakes
california rolls "inside out"
shrimp tempura rolls
tuna cucumber rolls
salmon avocado rolls



















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assorted varieties apricot, raspberry walnut and poppy seed

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dessert special: mocha chocolate chip walnut cookies

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